Brunch at Summer House Santa Monica – Chicago

I’ve been waiting to share this review of Summer House Santa Monica since October 2016!  My thoughts and the pictures were ready to go, however this site was not.  It’s finally time!

After hearing everyone’s rave reviews about this restaurant, Vishnu and I finally bit the bullet and made bunch reservations.  First of all, this place is quite popular, which means getting a reservation isn’t easy.  Make sure you act fast to ensure the date/time of your choice is available.

The first thing that stood out to me upon entering was the ambiance and decor.  True to its name, this place feels like one big summer house.  It has a very laid back vibe – textured white walls, string lights, a glass ceiling, etc.  Absolutely beautiful and welcoming!

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

The next thing that stood out to me was the service.  Despite a completely packed house, our waitress was attentive, making us feel like we were her only customers.  She also didn’t rush us through our meal, which I really appreciated.  And her drink recommendation was on point!  Wins all around.

Finally, the food!

Vishnu and I started our meal by ordering brunchy drinks.  I went with the Watermelon Smash with mint and lime (refreshing and delicious), and Vishnu went with a traditional Bloody Mary.  We definitely started on a high note.

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

For our appetizer course, we ordered the burrata.  It came topped with a rich tomato jam that added a fun textural element to complement the creamy burrata and a side of grilled bread.  If I recall correctly, Vishnu and I battled it out for the last bite!

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

For my main vegetarian entree, I ordered the Avocado Toast.  I really appreciated the thick, crusty toast, as it was the perfect vehicle for the avocado, mascarpone spread and poached eggs.  They didn’t skimp out on the avocado either, which isn’t always the case!  And the eggs really were cooked to perfection.  The only qualm I had with this dish was the complete lack of seasoning, particularly salt.  Of course, I was able to sprinkle some on myself, but I would’ve appreciated a well seasoned dish.

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

For the non-veggies reading, Vishnu ordered Short Rib Hash.  He felt the same way I did – the dish itself was great, however, it lacked seasoning and spice.

Summer House Santa Monica - Chicago, IL

Overall, we loved our experience of dining at Summer House Santa Monica and are excited to try the dinner menu sometime soon!

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  1. Love the new site!!! Congratulations! This looks incredible as well. I think we have one of these nearby in Bethesda, I’m going to have to check it out now!

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