Dinner at Grange Hall Burger Bar – Chicago

When we made reservations at Grange Hall Burger Bar, I was just making my way into the second trimester.  And while I can’t say that I craved burgers and fries, that meal never not sounded good to me!  A well-made veggie burger will always excite my taste buds.

After hearing my friend Erin rave about the veggie burger at Grange Hall Burger Bar (she’s a meat eater), I knew I had to try it.  Even though there’s nothing like a personal recommendation, I looked this place up on Yelp and read review after review about how the veggie burger is so good it can turn anyone into a vegetarian.  Quite the claim!

Based on the exterior of the restaurant, located in the trendy West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, I was expecting a grungy/biker bar kind of atmosphere.  That’s not at all what greeted us as we walked in the door.  It definitely has a bar-like feel but much more on the classy side of the spectrum.  It also has an intimate and laid-back vibe which I really appreciated.

I also appreciated how attentive and friendly our server was.  She checked in on us every now and then and made sure our water glasses remained full. And our food arrived on time…I mean what more can you ask for!

Now for the food…

I ordered the Victor’s Veggie per all the reviewers’ recommendations.  My mouth started watering the minute it was placed in front of me.  I dug in with all these flavor and texture expectations.  And to be very honest, I was a little disappointed!  The texture was on point (a bit of crunch, lots of freshness with the veggies, the softness of the brioche bun, etc.), however, the patty itself lacked seasoning.  There was absolutely no salt in the mix.

Veggie burger at Grange Hall Burger Bar

Would I go back and order it again?  Yes.  Because I really think the kitchen was having an off night.  And I really did enjoy the texture (evidenced by the fact that I almost wiped my plate clean!).

Vishnu and I also shared a bowl of the Garlic Parmesan Old-fashioned Waffle Fries.  Now these were something to write home about!  They were salty, garlickly, crunchy, and everything you’d want out of this element of the meal.  And because we can never get enough garlic, we went with the garlic dijon aioli dipping sauce.  Finger licking good!

Garlic waffle fries at grange hall burger bar - Chicago

For all of you meat eaters out there, I’m here to report that my husband really enjoyed his Ultimate Burger.  The combination of bacon, horseradish aioli, and caramelized onions worked well together and helped create a unique burger experience.  Vishnu also appreciated the freshness of all the ingredients, including the meat.  He said he could taste the difference.

The Ultimate burger at Grange Hall Burger Bar - Chicago

Overall, we really enjoyed our burger and fries experience at Grange Hall Burger Bar.  Minus the seasoning issue, everything was delicious and on par with what we expected/craved that night.

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